brisbane vs adelaide

Choosing between Brisbane and Adelaide is one of the hardest decisions you will have to make. They are both beautiful cities, and each has its own special attractions and uniqueness. You may be tempted to pick one over the other, but before you do, consider all the different factors. These factors include food, climate, public transport, and the AFL.


Despite a disappointing start to the season, Brisbane has been in good form for most of the year. The Lions have won four straight games and will be looking to qualify for their fourth AFL Grand Final in seven seasons.

Brisbane kicked four goals in the first term and were able to regain the lead in the third. The Lions were unable to keep Adelaide’s attack from running rampant in the second term.

Adelaide’s Taylor Walker kicked a goal in the first term, while the Blues were able to keep Brisbane to three points at the break. In the third term, the Blues kicked two goals to set up a win.

Brisbane also took advantage of a 50-metre penalty. The Lions were able to penetrate the ball, but they failed to kick a goal.


Unlike Brisbane, Adelaide offers a more diverse range of cuisines. The food scene here is derived from a number of mainstream Australian cuisines, but it also reflects the influence of globalisation. For example, the humble avocado is a common ingredient in Australian cuisine.

The foodie-friendly city of Adelaide has a long list of accolades to its name. Whether you’re on the hunt for a high-end dining experience or you just want to enjoy a tasty brew with your mates, you’ll find it here.

While there are certainly more restaurants in Brisbane than in Adelaide, you don’t have to go far to get a good gastronomic fix. Moreover, the food prices are less expensive in Adelaide than the rest of Australia, making the city a more affordable place to live and dine.

Public transport

Using public transport between Brisbane and Adelaide is a great way to see both cities. Public transport in Australia is relatively inexpensive and reliable. The city of Adelaide offers a range of transport options, including trains and buses.

The Adelaide Metro is the public transport system in Adelaide. There are more than 550 bus routes that run throughout the city. Tickets vary in price depending on the time of day and the distance traveled. Purchasing a metroCARD gives you unlimited access to public transport throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area. You can also purchase a ticket through a fare machine at light rail stations or from a bus driver.

The Adelaide Metro offers a three-day visitor pass that provides unlimited rides on all of their modes of transport. This pass costs AU$26. It includes a tourist pack with maps and travel tips. Alternatively, a single paper ticket costs AU$4.60.


Compared to Brisbane, Adelaide has a slightly milder climate. It experiences a milder, less rainy summer and cooler, less rainy winter. However, summer heat-waves can occur, which leads to a high risk of bush-fires.

Adelaide temperatures are extremely variable from year to year. In some years they can reach the mid-40s, while in other years they reach below 20 degrees Celsius. Adelaide is also known for its dry summers. This is because of the Australian High in the Great Australian Bight. It is also possible for short heatwaves in the winter months.

The climate in Brisbane is quite wet, with moderately hot summers. The city is also located at the height of the continent, which means it receives a large amount of sunshine. It is a popular destination for tourists.

Travel comparison

Taking a trip from Brisbane to Adelaide is a classic Aussie adventure. Both cities have plenty to offer. Adelaide is the capital of Australia’s wine region, which makes for great wine tasting opportunities. Adelaide has a temperate climate, which means it never gets too hot. On the other hand, Brisbane gets quite wet.

Adelaide is a much more affordable city to visit. A one-way plane ticket costs 138 USD, and a hotel costs around $60 per night. The average cost of food and drink is about $45 per day.

The city has a nice, laid back vibe. It’s also got plenty of modern restaurants and easy-going cafes. It also has a vibrant nightlife. The cheapest day to fly to Adelaide is Saturday.

Brisbane’s public transport system is a bit bigger than its southern neighbour. The city’s metro system runs on trains, trams and buses. However, it can take some time to get from A to B.