Brisbane City

No matter the occasion or arrangement required, an exceptional florist must possess both creativity and experience in creating elegant arrangements. Furthermore, their approach must adhere to eco-friendly principles.

Maddison Walsh has developed a sophisticated and romantic aesthetic through working alongside some of Australia’s premier florists. Her delicate blooms and neutral color palettes have become her trademark style.

Poppy Rose

Poppy Rose, established by Elli Gregory in Brisbane and offering same-day flower delivery service, provides fresh and contemporary flowers accessible to everyone at an affordable price point. She was inspired to start this business after working in various corporate roles that she didn’t enjoy doing and sought to bring fresh blooms directly into people’s lives.

The company supports sustainability, with their goal being to produce as little trash as possible. They use recycled packaging and visit local markets each morning in search of fresh flowers for delivery.

Poco Posy in Norman Park loves sharing its passion for flowers with the community, offering affordable bouquets that bring joy. Their flowers are delivered carefully with same-day service available to most parts of Brisbane.


Flowers make the perfect statement of thanks and appreciation, whether that means marking an anniversary, celebrating a birthday or just showing your gratitude – Brisbane florists offer stunning arrangements that say everything your words cannot.

Lillipollen’s lavish bouquets are truly spectacular, featuring delicate petals with eye-catching native foliage. Furthermore, Lillipollen prides themselves on using sustainable flowers from ethical suppliers while keeping carbon emissions to an absolute minimum with their eco-friendly wrapping and hydration system.

Hudson Floral Couture are experts at turning your bridal vision into reality, creating stunning blooms to match any vibe – they even incorporate your guilty pleasure song during their creative process! Hudson Floral Couture are known for creating intricate installations as well as romantic arrangements perfect for special events. With over 144 five-star reviews on Easy Weddings alone, their reputation precedes them!

Maison Fleur

Flowers are an easy and stylish way to add an elegant touch. From brightening up a kitchen bench, or commemorating special events such as birthdays and funerals, flowers make an excellent way to add style and class. Choose from an extensive range of rose, tulip and hydrangea arrangements or pair your gift with other goodies like chocolates, champagne or teddy bears for that personal touch.

Maison Fleur is a trio of floral boutiques located in Brisbane City that specialize in elegance, style and seasonal blooms. This florist regularly designs floral arrangements for weddings and events such as media launches or corporate meetings; same-day flower delivery service is also provided. Co-owner Bart Hassam is an award-winning floral designer known internationally for winning five Australian Florist of the Year titles and one Asia Cup. Furthermore he teaches courses, exhibits his works internationally as well as giving lectures.

Stalks & Stems

Stalks & Stems Florist in Woolloongabba is renowned for its beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers and creative gifts, made possible through close ties with local growers. Additionally, this shop provides terrariums, hampers, and customized floral arrangements.

The stem of a plant serves as the main upright load-bearing portion, supporting leaves, flowers and fruit as it transports water, nutrients and sugars throughout. The stem itself consists of two pipe-like tissues known as xylem and phloem; with transpiration pull, capillary action, root pressure all contributing to its transport of water via transpiration pull, capillary action or root pressure from transpiration pull in particular being its major mode of water transport through transpiration pull.

Phloem is responsible for transporting food from photosynthetic tissue to other cells throughout our bodies, and flower arranging requires proper conditioning of stems in order to extend their longevity as long as possible. This may involve submerging them in boiling water for 30 seconds after cutting or using flame to seal latex sealant on cut ends.


LVLY is an award-winning floral and gift company with an expansive selection of unique gifts. Their special offerings include beautiful jars of blooms and thoughtful gift boxes filled with thoughtful items designed to brighten the recipient’s day – plus same day delivery service is available!

Hannah Spilva and Verity Tuck founded this e-commerce startup in 2015. After realizing there was a gap in the online gifting market, they set out to develop something original, fun, and quirky – they saw this as their calling card to success.

Flowers sourced locally from Australian growers. No harmful pesticides or chemicals were used on them, to ensure longer bloom life and beauty. Packaging made of recycled material; and unsold flowers donated to aged care homes and hospices locally as donations; their goal being to spread joy and happiness with each customer experience.