Breaking News Today – Brisbane to Host the Olympics in 2028

brisbane olympics 2028

In Australia, the city has made a bid to host the Olympics for the first time in 32 years. Previously, Sydney hosted the Olympics in 2000, while Melbourne hosted the 1956 Games. Now, Brisbane is looking to make that happen. But what do we need to know about hosting the Olympic Games? Here are a few things to know. In addition to the venues, we need to know what we can expect from the city.

The IOC’s decision makes Brisbane’s bid look like a slam dunk, months before a formal decision is made. Last February, the IOC awarded exclusive negotiating rights to Brisbane, leaving the other bidders high and dry. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and other uncertainties, a high-level Australian delegation was sent to Tokyo to pitch Brisbane’s case. The delegation included Brisbane mayor Annastaszczuk, Queensland premier Adrian Schrinner, and federal sports minister Richard Colbeck.

While Brisbane’s bid was considered an “eminent choice” by IOC officials last month, the IOC executive gave its full support to the bid on Wednesday. In addition to IOC president Thomas Bach, Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Australian Olympic Committee President John Coates, the Brisbane bid committee argues that the games will cost $5 billion to host and will generate $17 billion in economic benefits.

The bid process began in 1984, but it is only in 2018 that Brisbane has been selected as the preferred candidate. Brisbane’s bid was the first from a new process, where cities are no longer pitted against each other. Several other cities also expressed interest in hosting the Olympics, but Brisbane won the uncontested bid for the first time since 1984. It will now be up to the next IOC executive board to decide which city will host the 2028 Summer Olympics.

It is unlikely that all of the events will take place in Brisbane, but some are expected to be held across the state, including the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. After the 2028 Summer Games, Australia will be only the second country after the United States to host the Olympics in three different cities. The previous two games were held in Sydney and Melbourne. That means that the Brisbane Olympics will be an excellent opportunity for the city to build on its legacy.

The city also had to overcome a few obstacles. First of all, the IOC did not allow cricket to be played at the 1900 Paris Olympics, so there was no chance for it to be a part of the 2028 Games. Brisbane has a number of existing venues and facilities, as well as the experience of hosting large international events. In addition to its great summer climate, Brisbane has strong government support.

In addition to the mayor, the state government and federal government sent representatives to the IOC. The city’s bid was praised by the IOC’s vice president, John Coates, a former Australian Olympic official who helped shape the fast-track selection process. It eliminated the risk of vote-buying, and cut down campaign costs. The IOC described Brisbane’s bid as “passion-driven” and said that it will stage the games in the Gold Coast.

The city also hopes to make rugby league a part of the Olympics. In the event of a bid, Rugby league hopes to include a Nines format in the official program of the 2032 Brisbane Games. Rugby league has already started its quest to become a member of the Global Association of International Sports Federations. Rugby league also hopes to showcase the sport at the 2026 Commonwealth Games. By 2028, they hope to have gained IOC status.

The IOC will also introduce new sports, including skateboarding. Skateboarding was introduced to the Olympics at the 2016 Winter Olympics and gained new admirers and increased camaraderie among competitors. Netball, a sport traditionally dominated by women, is also attracting more male participation year on year. The city hopes to host the Olympics in 2028. The city also hopes to host the Olympics in 2032.