Breaking News Today – Brisbane Weather Radar Down

brisbane weather radar

The weather bureau has taken down its Brisbane weather radar, and is seeking the manufacturer’s explanation for the malfunction. The radar was taken offline on February 20, but the bureau expects to have it back in service by mid-March. In addition, a new radar in Marburg will be installed at the bureau’s South Bank office to provide coverage to southeast Queensland. However, these systems overlap somewhat, and the weather bureau relies on a range of observing systems to produce its forecasts.

The Bureau of Meteorology has cancelled a severe weather warning, but there is still a chance of heavy rain over the weekend. But the rain is expected to subside to showers, with isolated storms possible. Queenslanders have been sweltering in soaring temperatures and humidity, but next week’s reprieve should bring relief. In fact, hail the size of golf balls has been reported, and the region near the New South Wales border is expecting wind gusts of 113 km per hour.

You can set your own intensity series. By clicking on the image, you can customize the animation. You can pan and zoom by hovering over the radar image. You can also select a period of time, ranging from 6 to 10 minutes to 14 days. However, you should be aware that due to radar problems, not all images will be available at any one time. The data on the weather radar is updated every six to ten minutes. In addition, you can place a marker at arbitrary locations and get the intensity of rain at that point.