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The Brisbane Evangelical Church was established in 1865 in Wilson Street. After several years, the congregation moved to Bath Hall. In 1929, the church expanded by adding a chapel and hall. Today, the congregation holds a number of services in its chapel and worship space. The church also holds different types of religious services and events. Regardless of their religion, people can find the service that is right for them at the Brisbane Evangelical Church.

The Brisbane Evangelical Church is currently seeking a new pastor. They have a rich New Testament heritage and a strong community outreach program. The church is welcoming to people of all backgrounds and ages. The current pastors, Gordon and Alli Weir, are a great asset to the congregation.

The Brisbane Evangelical Church is an independent Evangelical church that serves the community of Largs and the surrounding North Ayrshire area. The church is also involved with many international missionary organisations. The congregation is made up of people from all walks of life, including singles, families, and people with disabilities.