brisbane vs melbourne vs sydney

Brisbane is an ideal city to visit if you enjoy riverboat cruises, beaches and rooftop bars as well as having an active arts and culture scene.

Melbourne is renowned for its museums, parks, and shopping – but more importantly its friendly atmosphere – something which characterises Australia as a whole. Saying hello to strangers walking down the street is part of daily life here.

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Cost of living

Australia is an attractive expat destination, yet known for being expensive. Due to the cost of living there, some have made the switch from Sydney to Brisbane as a means of cutting costs and saving money.

Sydney apartments for one-bedroom residents will set you back around AUD 440 each week in rent, utilities, and public transit card fees; however if you are willing to move further out in the suburbs your costs will decrease significantly.

Tuition fees will depend on the university and program of choice; healthcare coverage for expats enrolled in Medicare (Australia’s public healthcare system) is free; those not enrolling may incur out-of-pocket costs or pay premiums to private insurers. Finally, Melbourne boasts numerous restaurants and entertainment options with some offering lower cost dining experiences.


Brisbane, located north of Sydney, is an idyllic city known for its relaxed pace of life and vibrant parks and beaches that provide an opportunity to unwind. Its coastal suburbs boast dramatic cliffs with spectacular views as well as being home to one of the largest free public sculpture exhibitions globally – Sculptures by the Sea! Additionally, Brisbane weather is conducive for outdoor activities all year long with an average 283 sunny days annually making it a favorite tourist destination.

Brisbane is a delightful shopping destination, featuring boutiques and markets to explore as well as deals on high-end labels and designer labels. Compared to Sydney, however, Brisbane lies closer to the equator with a more tropical climate; as a result it experiences extreme heat waves during summer, but also boasts pleasant windy days – making it an excellent city for shoppers seeking an immersive experience of Australian culture and art.


Queensland’s capital city, Brisbane is a vibrant young and bustling metropolis with a lively nightlife and diverse culture. The beaches here are spectacular and there are numerous restaurants and bars for visitors to explore; also its warm climate year round makes this destination perfect for anyone wanting to discover Australia’s coastline.

Sydney offers numerous entertainment venues. One such harbourfront venue is the iconic Opera House. Ballet performances, theatre productions and gigs take place here; additionally you may wish to check out Aboriginal Bangarra Dance Theatre or Her Majesty’s Theatre for additional performances.

City residents also love it for its vibrant street art and music scenes. Downtown area bars like Soda Factory offer trendy experiences, featuring speakeasy entrances and American diner themes; their cocktail menu focuses on various musical genres; while Home the Venue offers classic nightclub experiences with bottle service and international DJ performances.


Australians are known for their warm hospitality, so visitors to Brisbane or Melbourne are sure to receive a warm reception. Both cities feature numerous cultures and frequently host various festivals and events that visitors will find enjoyable.

Sydney is an exquisite city, stunning visitors with its sparkling harbor, architectural masterpieces, and sandy beaches. Additionally, Sydney is a diverse and inclusive community, often celebrating at events like Vivid and Mardi Gras.

Although Brisbane lacks iconic structures, it boasts beautiful city beaches and an active cafe culture. Furthermore, it features excellent public transport such as trams and trains for exploring historic buildings located downtown as well as providing great nightlife activities safe for tourists to enjoy while relaxing or strolling through parks or open areas throughout its entirety.