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Getting a job in Brisbane can be a very easy process, if you know where to look. Whether you’re looking for a casual part-time position or a career-oriented job, there’s a wide variety of options out there. You can work in a number of different fields, including mining and resources, manufacturing, tourism, tutoring, and more.

Mining and resources

Whether you’re looking for a career in the mining industry or you’re simply looking for a new job, you’ll find a wide variety of roles to choose from. Some jobs require you to live in the local area, while others are available in remote areas, such as outback Queensland or Western Australia.

Among the many benefits of working in the mining and resources sector is the opportunity to travel Australia and the world. Depending on the type of job, you may be required to spend several weeks away from home before returning. Generally, these roles are not for the faint of heart.

There are several ways to get started in the industry, but the best bet is to work for a mining company. These companies offer highly paid, highly skilled positions that allow you to travel Australia and the world.


Whether you’re a qualified professional or just starting out, there are a range of tourism jobs in Brisbane that can help you get the most out of your career. The city is home to an array of appealing experiences and offers some fantastic opportunities to work outdoors. The city is also close to World Heritage rainforests, which are a short drive from the city centre.

The tourism industry in Queensland has a number of tools, guides, and programs to assist businesses. The Queensland Tourism Industry Council has developed a comprehensive Tourism and Hospitality Career Guide. The online resource highlights various occupations in the industry. It is a collaborative effort between industry operators, trainers, and industry experts.

The Queensland Government’s Young Tourism Leaders initiative provides role models to youth in the tourism industry. The program engages tertiary students and vocational students and aims to promote diverse career options in the sector. It also aims to encourage more people to consider careers in tourism. These young people are passionate about sharing their stories and knowledge of the industry.


Tutoring jobs in Brisbane are available for all kinds of students. Whether you’re a university undergraduate looking to gain some extra income while studying, or an adult seeking private tuition for your hobby, there are many opportunities.

When starting out, it’s important to consider all the factors that will affect your tutoring business. For example, you may need to set an hourly rate or offer a package deal when your business is slow. Also, you’ll need to ensure that your qualifications and experience are listed accurately.

In addition to teaching, you can also provide seminars, workshops, and mini-lessons. These can be beneficial for both you and your students. Using these methods, you can help improve exam performance.

Advertising can be an effective way to promote your tutoring business. You can advertise online, at local restaurants and community centres, and even in the local paper. These advertisements can attract students who have similar interests to your own.

Online job applications

Getting a job in Brisbane requires many things, including an up to date resume, Internet access, and the availability to work. Some of the best places to find these jobs are company websites, job boards, and online job application sites. Using these resources to search for available positions will help streamline the application process and find a position that suits your qualifications and experience.

For example, when you’re searching for a job in the food industry, you may be asked about your availability to work during holidays or on weekends. However, if you’re a stay at home parent, you may not be able to work during these times.

Another example is the use of an employment test. Some companies require candidates to take a language or grammar test before they are hired. This test can be used to help determine your skill level and whether you are a good match for the job.