The Best Time to Visit Brisbane or Melbourne in Australia

Brisbane City

Brisbane stands out as being more focused on nature. Its parks and gardens include Glass House Mountains National Park and City Botanic Gardens – two amazing natural spaces which both cities can boast of having.

Melbourne, on the other hand, is a cultural mecca, providing visitors with numerous notable attractions and experiences. Although more expensive than Brisbane, Melbourne will certainly help visitors immerse themselves in Australian culture.

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Brisbane is best visited between May and the end of October when heat and humidity have significantly decreased, creating ideal weather for enjoying both beaches as well as city attractions. The days are sunny and warm allowing tourists to easily appreciate Brisbane.

However, winter can still be manageable and enjoyable – with occasional showers of rain and snow making for pleasant walking conditions and enjoying restaurants and bars in the city. Furthermore, crowd levels tend to decrease at this time and festivals like Wildlands Dance Music Festival are held.

Spring and autumn are great times to visit Melbourne, with mild temperatures but variable weather that can quickly transition from warm and sunny to frosty and windy. Additionally, many festivals take place during this season and parks provide great places for strolling.


Brisbane’s pleasant climate means after-dark adventures range from moonlight rock climbing at Kangaroo Point Cliffs to shopping sprees at outdoor markets, while adults can sip cocktails at trendy riverside bars, sample craft beers from microbreweries or dance to live music in one of Brisbane’s prestigious venues.

Fitzroy in Melbourne is the place to experience Australia’s exciting street art and dive bar scene, such as Beerskis for some refreshing Carlton Draught or Night Cat or Cherry Bar for pub grub or Laundry Bar for dancing and bopping along. Howard Smith Wharves offer riverside dining with views at Mr Percival’s and Felons Brewing Co serves up delicious fresh beer alongside delicious pub fare!

Fish Lane offers all the charm and sophistication of Melbourne’s laneways while being situated within Brisbane’s temperate climate. Check out Kiki – an outpost of Southside restaurant Julius Pizzeria & Bar Brutus located nearby in Kiki Street – or head along Eagle Street where there is an assortment of dressy cocktail bars, New York-style street food bars and whisky saloons all offering excellent services along this riverfront strip.


Australians are known for their laidback and welcoming attitudes, something visitors to Melbourne or Brisbane are sure to experience first-hand on a visit. From riverboat cruises and museum visits to petting koalas at the zoo – tourists will likely receive friendly greetings of “G’day!” When walking the city streets or using public transit systems they should expect an excellent experience!

Start your trip off right in Brisbane’s downtown, where grand old buildings blend with sleek skyscrapers and lush parks. Explore Queen Street Mall with its heritage arcades and 700+ stores; or get an aerial view from City Hall clock tower. Feeling adventurous? Take a stroll across Brisbane Story Bridge Adventure Climb – one of only three climbable bridges worldwide – before immersing yourself in culture at major institutions such as Queensland Performing Arts Center or Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA).


Australia is a land of diverse cultures with their own distinct cuisines, so experiencing local dishes in different cities is an enjoyable way to expand the overall enjoyment of your trip. Brisbane and Melbourne both boast many restaurants serving diverse menu items from various cuisines; with fast food outlets, affordable street cafes, and upscale establishments all readily available.

Damian Griffiths and other innovative entrepreneurs like him have helped change Brisbane’s conservative attitude by turning rundown properties into sought-after dining destinations. Damian’s trendy contemporary pan-Asian indoor-outdoor diner in Fortitude Valley is a popular dining spot, serving salmon carpaccio and gnocchi with shiitake mushrooms, mizuna leaves and walnuts – as well as salmon carpaccio with truffle oil and salmon carpaccio served on homemade toast with balsamic glaze.

Portside Wharf is another culinary gem, featuring world-class dining at Sono (with sleek black interiors and attention-to-detail Japanese), Belvedere Bar n Grill (steakhouse) or Eat Street Markets for healthy container eateries with their healthy approach to eating.