The Brisbane Street Post Office – An Important Landmark in Greenock, Australia

Brisbane City

The Brisbane Street Post Office is a historic industrial building in the city of Brisbane, Australia. The two-storey rendered limestone building was constructed in 1896, and is one of the oldest remaining public buildings of its scale on a domestic scale. The post office building was designed by the Public Works Department of Western Australia (PWDWA) and shares many of its original design features with its sister post office in South Fremantle, Western Australia, although the latter is of a higher quality of authenticity.

The Post Office on Brisbane Street has a small courtyard on the west side of the building. The courtyard is filled with quartz garden beds and a curved brick path. The building’s doors are replaced by limestone piers and iron paling. It was built on the corner of two streets, making it an important landmark for many people. But it has much more history than a simple post office. Today, the building is the home of the Hampton Cosmetic Clinic, an aesthetic practice that caters to the needs of the local community.

This post office was closed in 1949. It was turned into commercial premises in 1994, and is one of only five remaining post offices of the same era. Today, it houses the Language Centre Bookshop, which specialized in foreign-language materials. The building also contains a carport. It is located at 9C Brisbane Street. Its telephone number is 01475 721735. If you would like to learn more about the history of this building, you can visit it at the Queensland Heritage Trust website or on their Facebook page.

The Brisbane Street Post Office is an important landmark for the community of Greenock. It’s located at 9C Brisbane Street and serves the areas of Greenock West, Branchton, Bow Farm, Cardwell Bay, and Kelly Street. Calling or visiting the post office can help you find a letter or package, and it offers an online contact form. You can also email the post office through their website. The website of the Brisbane Street Post Office can be found here.

The Brisbane Street Post Office is one of the earliest examples of a suburban post office with a postmaster’s residence in metropolitan Perth. It was built to serve the rapidly expanding suburbs during the gold rush period. The same period saw the construction of post offices in the suburbs, including Hay Street, which has now been demolished. The building was listed in Wise’s Post Office Directory in 1898, and was run by Mrs F. W. Stokes for a number of years.

The post office is located near the Brisbane Street section of the Greenock Town Centre. The Aulds retail complex, Greenock Sheriff Court, and the Ardgowan Hospice are all within a few minutes’ walk of the building. It’s also located near West College Scotland, which offers regular train service. The Greenock Oak Mall is also located within close proximity. On-street parking is available. If you’re going to the Brisbane Street Post Office in Greenock, make sure to leave a review. It will help future patrons decide whether or not to visit this post office.