Brisbane City

Since 1902, students at Trinity have made notable academic, sporting and cultural achievements in academia, athletics and the arts. The Great Hall is proud to commemorate these successes through various honour boards displaying them. Furthermore, Form Year Assemblies as well as debating/public speaking/music performances take place there regularly.

Watpac’s construction team recently celebrated an important milestone in completing the school’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Art (STEAM) precinct with the final suspended slab being lifted into place.

Educating boys for a lifetime

Brisbane Grammar School’s 147-year commitment to boys education can be seen not just through academic achievements, but in their development into confident men of character who contribute positively to society both locally and globally.

The School provides boys with an ideal learning culture in which to develop a solid knowledge base and higher order thinking skills, along with cultural, sporting, and service programs to further their development.

Extracurricular activities encompass sports, visual and performing arts, chess, debating and various clubs or special interest groups. Participation fosters community spirit while building teamwork skills, leadership and initiative.

The School also offers adventure-based programs at its Outdoor Education Centre in Moogerah, west of Brisbane. There it runs writer’s camps, composer’s camps and science camps as well as rowing training on its lake. World-class facilities at this campus include an Indoor Sports Centre and swimming pool.

A stimulating boarding environment

BGS provides boys from rural and regional communities, provincial cities and overseas locations the chance to form lifelong friendships that transcend boarding school boundaries. Their care is overseen by experienced staff – many of them graduate teachers – while house tutors help support them with academic and emotional difficulties.

BGS remains committed to offering students a broad liberal education that equips them for future careers that require multi-disciplinary expertise.

The Great Hall features honour boards to recognize academic, athletic and cultural accomplishments by past students. This venue hosts Form Year Assemblies, public speaking and debating events as well as musical performances. Under Bruce May’s direction, music auditorium boasts an extensive program of choral bands and concert bands; two orchestras; and an extensive string ensemble program; as well as Writer’s Camps, Scientist-in-Residence Camps, as well as sport training activities that take place off campus.

A broad liberal education

The School offers a broad liberal education that encourages its students to think critically and creatively across various subjects, encouraging a love of learning and providing an edge in facing life’s challenges beyond secondary school.

Boys in Years 5-8 create an individual study plan designed to explore their interests while building the basis of success in Senior School. Their options for studies may include English, Science and Mathematics; one or more foreign languages (continuing Chinese, French German Japanese Latin); History Geography or one of Visual Arts Drama Music Clubs and Activities.

As part of its Grammar tradition, the School embraces diversity and inclusivity through a vibrant school culture and bursary programs designed to support boys from diverse social backgrounds. Our Cocurricular program gives boys an opportunity to expand their talents while discovering new passions while building lasting friendships while developing leadership and resilience skills.

Student wellbeing

Brisbane Grammar School students demonstrate a diverse range of cocurricular interests, from visual and performing arts to chess, debating, and special interest clubs. Participating in these activities deepens their connection to their School community while developing teamwork skills and teaching leadership qualities.

The School encourages its students to be active members of their communities through social justice and service. A comprehensive public purpose program gives students an opportunity to respond meaningfully to key social issues while developing leadership potential.

Director of Music has organized several music groups that allow students to participate in concerts. Additionally, there are outstanding facilities for extracurricular activities at Northgate School such as tennis courts and cricket nets on-campus as well as gym facilities, swimming pool access and an indoor sports centre – plus there is also access to Northgate ovals complex and an outdoor education centre at Moogerah Lake for extracurricular pursuits.