brisbane state

Brisbane State High School is a state secondary school for girls and boys, located in South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is a member of the Great Public Schools Association of Queensland and the Queensland Girls’ Secondary Schools Sports Association. The school offers a wide range of academic and co-curricular opportunities.

Located in Brisbane’s city centre, Brisbane State High School is near the Brisbane State Museum, the South Bank riverside park, and cycle paths. The school has a reputation for excellence, and is home to some of the state’s most notable ex-students. The school is well-equipped to educate a diverse group of students, and has an outstanding music program.

Brisbane State High School is one of the most coveted high schools in the South Brisbane area. It is the only state high school in the Great Public School system, and its catchment system means there are only so many places available. That’s why students from families that live in the catchment area are frequently screened.

The school is governed by a school council, consisting of teacher, student, and parent representatives. The School Council also provides strategic direction for the school. This council also monitors the school’s progress and assists the principal with strategic initiatives. The school council has a number of roles, including president of the P&C Association, a student representative, and a parent representative. The school’s past students are encouraged to participate in school decision-making.

The city of Brisbane is the capital of the state of Queensland. Its population is around 1.2 million. It is one of Australia’s three largest cities and is situated astride the Brisbane River. More than half of its population lives in the city’s metropolitan area. The city is also the state’s largest, and was the first LGA to reach one million. It is a multicultural city that celebrates diversity.

The city was first explored by John Oxley in 1823. In 1824, a penal colony was established in the area. The name was later changed to Brisbane, honoring Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane. However, the colony was a short-lived rivalry, as freemen were not allowed to settle within 50 miles of the town.

The city also has a port and vast agricultural hinterland. Its port can accommodate ships of up to 34,000 tons, which makes it an important port for exporting a variety of agricultural products. A large number of heavy and light engineering works, oil refineries, sawmills, and other companies operate in the Brisbane metropolitan area. There are also factories that produce rubber goods.

Brisbane State High School students participate in debate competitions as part of the school’s debate team. They have won second place at the National Schools’ Debating Championships in the past two years. In 2010, they were the only state school in the top 100. This makes the school one of the top performing in the Brisbane metropolitan area.

Brisbane State High has a number of extra sporting facilities located on campus. The school has five fields, a gymnasium, a canteen, and change rooms. It hosts numerous sports games, and it has a plan to construct a new grandstand to improve the school’s sporting facilities. Construction of the stadium is expected to begin within the next few years. This will help the school attract more students and improve the quality of education.

The school has been standing next to the Gabba since 1899, and the proposed Olympic stadium redevelopment will have a major impact on the school. The school has long been a part of the Brisbane community, serving the inner-city suburbs. Despite its prestigious role in sport, it has a special place in the city’s history.