Brisbane Boys College – The Green-White-Black War Cry

Brisbane City

Brisbane Boys College enjoys an enviable reputation for academic, cultural and sporting excellence. Our ‘Green-White-Black’ war cry has resonated across numerous competitive arenas – leading us to GPS Premiership titles in Tennis, Basketball and Rowing over recent years.

Famously fierce competition, the First XV have only ever shared one Rugby Union championship – back in 1954 – making their season all the more nerve-wracking. Produced by Onion TV in partnership with RugbyPass and BBC, this series follows their action-packed journey as it unfolds before our eyes.


As BBC players and coaches strive for the premiership, focus and attitude will be put through rigorous examination. Meanwhile, younger players can take inspiration from seniors during this pivotal season at Miskin Oval.

BBC has an illustrious 117-year sporting legacy that spans both rugby union and football codes, boasting one GPS title in 1954 despite only ever fielding two competitive teams at any one time (sharing is considered competitive!). Their rugby program has produced numerous world-class rugby players across both codes.

Series six of Onion TV’s award-winning The Season follows BBC First XV through their 2019 GPS Rugby campaign, taking viewers through high school sports’ twists and turns. Now available on Foxtel and Kayo!


With only one GPS Rugby Premiership season under their belt and an intense rugby culture behind them, 2019 season of BBC First XV was always going to be challenging. Series six of The Season takes viewers through all their triumphs and trials along their journey.

Sport and cocurricular pursuits play an integral part of education at BBC, where boys are encouraged to stretch themselves and challenge themselves in pursuit of excellence. From beginner teams to competing in the Great Public Schools Association (GPS) competition, boys have ample opportunity to participate. BBC has even claimed numerous GPS premierships in Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball!


At The College, our cocurricular programs boast an illustrious legacy of cocurricular involvement. Sports and other activities provide boys with invaluable life lessons related to teamwork, commitment, discipline and setting goals – teaching important life skills as they accompany academic learning experiences.

Established by Mr Arthur (Barney) Rudd in 1902 with just four students enrolled, today it has almost 1500 day and boarding students from Australia and overseas enrolled across day classes as well as boarding houses.

BBC competes in the GPS competition and holds one Rugby Premiership to their name (shared with St Joseph’s Nudgee in 1954). Series six of The Season follows their First XV through their journey towards that elusive trophy through all of its ups and downs.


Sports at the College boast a long and proud tradition in Rugby, Basketball, Tennis and Football; Premierships and Championships can also be won in Cross Country Robotics and Track & Field competition.

BBC first made its debut appearance at the International School Sport Federation (ISF) World Championships for Tennis in 2015 and since has made an outstanding showing, placing third in team play and several players winning individual titles.

At College, our Tennis program boasts an established Director of Tennis and professional training program designed for all students from Prep through Year 12. With this in place, a strong emphasis is placed on developing elite tennis players.

Cross Country

BBC has competed in Queensland’s GPS Rugby Union competition since 1918, though has only ever won one premiership – shared in 1954 – but remains fiercely passionate in their rugby culture and anticipation for a triumphant victory is high.

Green, white and black is the rallying cry at college, inspiring students to run faster, row harder and strive higher in their chosen sport. Cocurricular pursuits may be part of what the college provides but lessons learned outside the arena will have long-lasting repercussions for them both personally and as members of BBC First XV Rugby Football Club – this six-episode series follows them throughout 2019 season and captures all aspects of high school sport through high school sports’ prism.


While the “Green-White-Black” war cry echoes across competition arenas, it is the College’s vibrant community of supporters that drives athletes forward to run faster, row harder, and aim higher. They offer constant motivation as they cheer them from stands, banks and sidelines; their presence acts as an inspirational source.

Even though the First XV have only won one GPS Rugby Premiership (a shared victory with Nudgee in 1954), its rugby culture and expectations of outright glory has never been greater than this season. Series six of The Season follows them throughout 2019 season as they attempt an historic breakthrough.