Designed for both men and women, the Brisbane Moss moleskin and corduroy ranges are made of premium quality fabrics. The brand has a long history of producing high-quality fabrics that have stood the test of time. The Brisbane Moss brand’s signature products include a wide range of workwear inspired products, as well as a wide range of classic pieces. In addition to its corduroy collection, the company also makes leather goods, including shoes and luggage.

brisbane moss moleskin

The Brisbane Moss factory, located in West Yorkshire, has been producing high-quality clothing since 1789. The company’s flagship store in Leeds, England, is one of the largest in the world, with a huge collection of its famous materials. The brand’s latest line includes the Brisbane Moss Stretch Moleskin, which is an exceptionally comfortable mid-weight moleskin ideal for shirt jackets and jeans.

Designed for both men and women, the Brisbane Moss range combines classic styling with modern functionality. The taffy-thick fabric has a relaxed feel, making it perfect for both men and women. Its asymmetrical pockets make it a versatile jacket and a great choice for any day out. Pair with jeans and moto boots, and you’re set for a day in the country.

For the ultimate rugged look, Brisbane Moss Moleskin is ideal for summer. It is the perfect material for jackets and jeans. With a mid-weight stretch, the Brisbane Moss Stretch Moleskin is perfect for casual wear. Its versatile texture makes it ideal for everyday use and is a perfect fabric for casual clothing. The company’s quality is far superior to its competitors. Whether it is worn for work or just for weekend wear, this stylish jacket will be a hit.

Brisbane Moss Moleskin is an exceptionally durable fabric. It is the most versatile material available. It can be worn for casual wear. It has a mid-weight stretch and is perfect for jeans and shirt jackets. A jacket made of Brisbane Moss is a classic piece of clothing. Its quality will last for years. This type of leather is very durable. If it’s used correctly, it can withstand wear and tear.

Brisbane Moss corduroys have an outstanding texture. Their smooth appearance makes them a comfortable and versatile fabric to wear. The material has many uses and is very durable. Using this type of material is the best option for smart casual clothes. They look good together and will last a lifetime. They are also breathable, and can be worn during any season. It is a must-have for colder days and winter.

The Brisbane Moss fabric has been manufactured for decades and has the same specifications as the traditional corduroy. Its weight is heavy and is durable. Unlike its Australian counterpart, it is extremely soft and breathable. Its brushed surface makes it a perfect choice for smart casual wear. The cedar brown moleskin is a lighter weight. It’s a perfect material for smart casuals.

The Brisbane Moss moleskin has a smooth, suede-like feel. The texture of the Brisbane Moss moleskin is textured and it feels great to the touch. Its brushed surface gives the fabric a suede-like finish. It retains heat very well. Because it is made of twilled cotton, it is durable. It’s the perfect fabric for smart casual outfits.

The Brisbane Moss Moleskin is an extremely durable material that’s ideal for outdoor use. It can be used to create jackets and coats. A gilet made of moleskin is an essential piece of outerwear for men. It has the same high-quality properties as suede but is more comfortable. It’s also breathable, and can be used to keep out the sun.