brisbane moss fabric

Choosing the right fabric for your bag is crucial. It must be able to fit your bag while also being able to stand up to wear and tear. Brisbane moss fabric is a great choice, as it can handle many different types of situations. This type of fabric is also great for travel as it can handle different types of weather. The material is also very soft and has a brushed finish that is ideal for everyday use.


During the British Industrial Revolution, Brisbane Moss Corduroy fabric was used for workwear. Later, it was adopted for durable outdoor garments.

Brisbane Moss has been in the business since 1858 and continues to produce high quality corduroy. Besides its rich heritage, the company is also known for its commitment to sustainability. It has been working to reduce its carbon footprint. In addition, it has embraced recycled packaging and other environmentally friendly initiatives. In addition to its traditional weaving techniques, it also uses the latest technological advances.

Brisbane Moss Corduroy is made from the highest quality cotton yarns. It is also soft and comfortable. The fabric is available in slim fit or straight cut. It is ideal for warm weather.


Founded in 1858, Brisbane Moss is the original British Moleskin and Corduroy fabric manufacturer. It is located in the Calder Valley in West Yorkshire. It continues to provide unrivaled excellence in Corduroy and Moleskin manufacture, using traditional skills and modern technology to ensure that its products are of the highest quality. It is a family run business, with four generations of skilled craftsmen.

The company has a long history of supplying a wide range of high quality fabrics to a global customer base. The company has won two Queen’s Enterprise Awards for Exports.

The fabrics that are produced by Brisbane Moss are sourced from the world’s leading garment makers and selected to ensure that their quality and value is unrivaled. They are also made using the finest yarns and the best available technology.


Founded in 1858, Brisbane Moss has been around for many years and has developed a reputation for making high quality cloth. Brisbane Moss aspires to lower its carbon footprint and challenge the negative effects of pollution. The company also aims to launch new and innovative fabrics. Brisbane Moss is renowned for its corduroy and has a stock of over 500 thousand metres of cloth.

Brisbane Moss is a family company, and the company’s legacy is evident in the quality of its clothes. Brisbane Moss’ ancestor started trading in cotton fabrics from around the world. The company is currently the largest stock house in the UK. It sells its products to top fashion houses including Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Aquascutum. It has also received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for its exports.


Located in the Calder Valley, West Yorkshire, Brisbane Moss is the UK’s largest corduroy factory. The company’s heritage dates back to 1858. Its fabrics are hand-selected by some of the world’s finest garment makers. They are made from the highest quality yarns and are designed to last. Brisbane Moss has also embraced sustainability, incorporating Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification and recycled packaging into its manufacturing processes.

Brisbane Moss’ ‘calder’ is a closely woven cotton fabric that has a robust handle and is wind resistant. It is suitable for both structured and unstructured jackets. It is also a good choice for trousers. It is available in eight wale corduroy and three wale corduroy. You can also order a custom-designed corduroy. Brisbane Moss offers a wide variety of fabrics, including Corduroy, Linen, Flat Cotton, and Velvet.


Using traditional skills, Brisbane Moss is still manufacturing premium fabrics. This company has built a reputation for quality that has lasted four generations. In fact, Brisbane Moss is the only manufacturer of corduroy in the United Kingdom. The company produces over one million metres of cloth each year. In 2012, Brisbane Moss received the Queen’s Award for Export. This award was presented to Brisbane Moss by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.

Brisbane Moss is a world-renowned fabric manufacturer, providing high-quality cloth to top fashion houses, as well as global businesses. The company has a history of sustainability and innovative working practices. It has been awarded Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, as well as embracing recycled packaging.

Brisbane Moss uses only the highest quality cotton yarns to create its corduroy materials. These materials feature tone-on-tone elements and leather-based outsoles.