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Brisbane Youth FC is the underage team of the Brisbane Roar Football Club, a professional football club in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The youth team plays in the National Premier Leagues, the second rung of the soccer pyramid in Australia. In addition, the team competes in the Y-League competition. The club was founded in 2000 and has grown over the years. It currently has approximately 100 members.

The game was all but over by the time the referee had finished. The referee had become grumpy, so he showed everyone a red card. However, another official stepped in and reminded the referee that this was unsporting. The referee then only gave a red card to a player who had breathed on Bjorne. However, this was the only instance of a red card being given to a player for fouling another teammate.

The club announced a new under-20 team in January 2017, titled Brisbane Youth FC. They won the Y-League in February 2019 against the Western Sydney Wanderers U21 and were crowned Y-League champions. The youth team now plays in the National Premier Leagues, which is the second tier of the soccer pyramid in Australia. The team plays in the Y-League competition.