brisbane jets nrl bid

Whether you are a fan of the Brisbane Jets or simply want to see them win a game, there are many ways you can bid on a ticket. You can either bid online or at the stadium. Both ways have their benefits, and both ways have their drawbacks. You need to know what to expect before you bid. Then, you can plan ahead and make the best possible decision.

Ipswich Jets

Earlier this month Ipswich City Council released some preliminary concepts plans for a new stadium. One option is a 20,500 seat stadium to be located close to the CBD. Other plans call for a smaller facility. Ipswich City Council has also announced it will consider more than $10 million in funding for the Jets.

The Jets have an enviable history and are well positioned as a feeder club to the Newcastle Knights, Newcastle Falcons, Newcastle Jets and New Zealand Warriors. A new stadium in Ipswich will also attract international sporting events to the region. This would be a significant economic boon to the city.

The Jets’ NRL bid combines two previous bids. The Jets are a leagues club that competes in the Queensland Cup competition. The Jets also have an official partnership with Intrust Super Cup side the Redcliffe Dolphins.

The aforementioned Ipswich Jets NRL bid also has a small number of other interesting and cool items to its credit. For example, the Dolphins have $100 million of assets behind them.

Western Corridor

Those of you who have followed the Queensland rugby league scene for any length of time will know that there have been a number of bids for a new team to enter the NRL over the past decade. The latest is an amalgamation of Brisbane Bombers and Ipswich Jets. The team hopes to become a sustainable seventeenth club.

The Western Corridor region is one of the fastest growing areas in Australia and has produced a plethora of top-grade rugby league players. Players such as Arthur Beetson, Allan Langer, John Thurston and Cameron Smith have all come from this area.

The region is also home to some serious corporates. Those who live in the Western Corridor will be able to get a stake in the new team. This would allow for a community-owned model to be used.

The Western Corridor NRL bid is led by Ipswich Jets chairman Steve Johnson. He has dismissed reports that cashed-up businessmen have been backing the second Brisbane NRL team.


Currently, there are two competing bids for a Queensland rugby league licence. Brisbane and the Western Corridor have already expressed an interest in a licence, but there is still no guarantee of an NRL team in Queensland.

One bid, the Brisbane Firehawks, is backed by the Easts Leagues Club and will wear slightly different colours. It is basically a cross-town rival of the Brisbane Broncos. The other bid, the Brisbane Jets, has joined the Bombers in an alliance to compete against the other two.

The Brisbane Broncos and Bombers have created a natural rivalry in the city. But is this a good thing? Do fans who support the Broncos feel like they are missing out? Do they have a second team they can support?

There is no denying that the Brisbane Bombers have done a good job of planning their NRL bid. They have revealed their brand name, logo, and colours. And they’ve got good people behind them. Executives include Todd Greenberg, David Gallop, and Nick Livermore.

Redcliffe Dolphins

Thousands of Queenslanders have signed pledges of support for the Redcliffe Dolphins to become the NRL’s newest franchise. The club is set to join the NRL in 2023.

The Dolphins have a history of success in Queensland competition. Their stadium is located in Redcliffe, 35km north of the state capital. Currently, they play in the Queensland Cup.

The club’s owner has been watching a $100 million asset tucked away on the national stage since July. Despite competing offers from rivals, he has not felt compelled to change his offer. He believes the Jets and Firehawks’ bids have a chance of a merger. But he has no interest in merging with them.

The team is expected to join the NRL in 2023, and will adopt a new name. Dolphins coach Wayne Bennett is expected to be the foundation coach of the team.

There are some suggestions for the team’s name. One option is to call the team River City. Other options include Moreton Bay and Sun State.