The Brisbane Jets have been eyeing a move to the NRL, but aren’t entirely sure of what they should offer. There are a number of potential partners, including the Redcliffe Dolphins, who have offered to match the bid, but they don’t have the funds. Nevertheless, they have a shortlist of three locations for their new administrative and training base, and have budding venue-share relationships with other organisations. In addition, they are a fan-friendly team that are confident that their fans will support them.

brisbane jets nrl bid

The Jets have doubts about their financial viability and have been reluctant to commit $10 million in cash. BlueMount Capital has issued a document stating that prospective equity investors must commit $1 million, and the owners have said they cannot afford that. The Bombers have the backing of Brisbane Easts, who own the Roosters. A new franchise in Ipswich would likely be able to compete with the Tigers, which are already a dominant force in the Queensland Premier League.

The Jets’ bid is a hybrid of two previous proposals. Because the Jets have a strong association with the Ipswich-based Jets, they plan to play most of their games at Lang Park and redevelop North Ipswich Reserve into a 20,000-seat venue. The Bombers play in a smaller stadium, but their fans are expected to be more diverse, so their bid is not totally unattractive.

The bid is an attempt to become the 17th NRL team. The Bombers are set to enter the NRL in 2023. A new franchise for the Redcliffe Dolphins could be a good idea for the Jets, but the NRL is wary of treading on existing teams. But there are still reasons to believe that the Jets should wait a little longer. This would allow fans of both teams to enjoy live rugby league games in the city.

The Brisbane Jets have pursued a dual-membership with the Broncos for over a decade. They have a mutual interest in the expansion and will want to compete with them, but the Broncos will not give them cash in this deal. And the Jets’ bid is likely to be successful if they do end up joining. It would be a good outcome for fans of both teams.

The Jets’ bid is supported by the Queensland government. It is unlikely to be rejected by the NRL, but the bid committee must approve a plan before a decision is made. The NRL’s finances are in dire need of a major investment. The NRL has a $50 million estimated loss for the season. If the Jets don’t win the bid, the club will have to accept a massive pay cut to make them eligible.

The Brisbane Jets’ bid is an amalgamation of two previous bids. The NRL has long been targeting the region as a potential expansion market. But the Queenslanders don’t have the cash reserves of other rivals and they have an excellent blueprint to grow their team. The NRL’s new stadium is expected to have a capacity of about 70,000 people. With these teams, the NRL could expand to western Brisbane in 20 years.

The Jets’ bid has been approved by the NRL’s expansion committee. It is a third-place bid, and the second-place bid is from the Western Corridor. The Jets are the feeder team for the Newcastle Knights. The NRL’s budget is $85 million, and the West Corridor has around $16 million. The West Corridor bid has the largest pool of potential clubs, but it is still a way to decide on the NRL’s location.

Despite its name, the Jets’ bid is a blend of two previous bids. The Brisbane-based side is closely linked to the Ipswich Jets in the Queensland Cup. It plans to play most of its games at Lang Park and plans to develop North Ipswich Reserve into a 20,000-seat stadium. The Ipswich-based squad will be the feeder team for the Newcastle Knights.