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ABC News is the news division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It is an Australian public news service that covers both local and world news. It is available on television and radio throughout Australia and overseas. The company’s content ranges from breaking news and current affairs to sports, arts and entertainment. The company’s local coverage includes the Brisbane and Queensland areas. The company also reports on breaking international news. The Brisbane office is home to the regional news department.

The floods in the Australian city of Brisbane are expected to continue into this week. The swollen Brisbane river is expected to continue flooding the city, with more storms expected to hit the region later this week. The Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner has called for volunteers to join the ‘Mud Army’ – volunteers who were formed after the devastating floods in 2011. After the floods of 2011, swollen creeks and a deadly mudslide in the city wiped out thousands of homes and businesses.

The ABC has a radio station in Brisbane, located on the South Bank. It broadcasts on 612 kHz AM and is also available on DAB+ in some areas. The station also has an online presence. This radio station also produces programming for ABC radio stations in other parts of the state.

ABC News Western Australia is broadcast on ABC Radio Perth. It airs weekday mornings at 9:00 am. During major state political events, it is pre-empted by its local version. Other ABC news programs include Afternoon Briefing, Four Corners, Behind the News, and One Plus One. The ABC also produces several radio programs dedicated to current affairs. These programs feature more in-depth reporting than the news bulletins.

The news media has also been criticised for its tone in reporting the case. The ABC’s coverage of the case of two teenagers who lied on their border declaration forms prompted a backlash on social media. The Courier-Mail’s foreign correspondent Sophia McNeill, who was subsequently fired by the newspaper, said she was “really disappointed” with the tone of the story. The ABC’s social affairs correspondent Norman Hermant said the name-calling was a form of demonisation. ABC journalist Josie Taylor agreed.

While the network has a reputation for covering local and national events, it has also been accused of leaking private information. In one case, a woman was photographed by the Daily Telegraph while pregnant with her child. Campion filed a breach-of-privacy complaint, claiming the journalists had used drones to photograph her. She later returned to public life as a columnist for the newspaper.