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brisbane zoning map

If you are interested in the zoning in Brisbane, you need to know how to find the right zoning map for your needs. Using a zoning map will help you determine the appropriate use of your property. Brisbane has over 500 zoning districts, but you need to know the exact location of each district before making any decisions. If you are unsure where you can build a new building, you should first review the city plan. You can view the plan on the Brisbane city website or by calling the Council at 07 3403 8888.

The Brisbane zoning map will also help you understand how to apply a development permit to your property. Overlays are overlays that apply to a specific property, and may affect design and development assessment requirements. A demolition control precinct overlay was established under the Brisbane City Plan 2000. It identifies land where character houses need to be protected, and renovations must respect the character of the neighborhood. Once you have a map, you can then search for zones, precincts, and neighbourhood plans.

Located south of the Brisbane Fire Department station, the project is in the urban area. Approximately 400 feet of the Guadalupe Channel will be affected by the project. The proposed project is on a property that is zoned for C-1 Commercial Mixed-Use District. The Guadalupe channel is situated in an urban portion of the City. The project site is designated for public facilities and parks, and is zoned C-1 Commercial Mixed-Use District.