The Casual Youth Worker at the Brisbane Youth Service

brisbane youth service

Having worked in the Brisbane youth service for over a decade, I have seen many changes over the years. Some of these changes have been beneficial, while others have been detrimental. These changes have included the introduction of new policies, the creation of a new management team, the expansion of our services and the hiring of new staff.

Primary industries

Despite the fact that the Brisbane Youth Service is not exactly the epicenter of youth euphoria, this multifaceted organisation does a good job of making the youth of this town better off than when they arrive. For starters, there are a bevy of exemplary frontline workers who are a joy to be around. The organisation also has a nifty small budget fund for the neophytes amongst us. The organisation also boasts a large number of corporate partners, some of which are not as sanguine as their staff. On top of the aforementioned trinity, the organisation is also in the throes of a major restructuring involving the dissolution of a number of venerable corporate entities.

Casual youth workers

Providing youth with the best chance at life isn’t always easy, but the casual youth worker has a key role to play. From providing safe accommodation to providing case management, the casual youth worker is responsible for making sure young people get what they need to succeed in life. For example, a casual youth worker is responsible for providing supervision and support to a young person who is experiencing homelessness. This is a great opportunity to help improve the lives of these young people. For more information on this unique and exciting role, contact Tradewind Australia on 02 9550 7668. This company provides youth support across Australia, including a team of experienced youth workers who are available for contract work.

In addition to providing support to young people experiencing homelessness, the casual youth worker has the opportunity to demonstrate their social savvy by facilitating interventions that will improve housing security and housing stability. For example, the casual youth worker is responsible for helping to implement an innovative program that allows young people to keep their possessions while in transitional housing.


Located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane Youth Service supports homeless and vulnerable young people, and helps disadvantaged children and young families. The organisation offers a wide range of integrated services to address physical and mental health issues, and to establish successful relationships. It also provides emergency relief, housing support, and parenting and employment assistance. The organisation has helped tens of thousands of young people since 1977.

Young people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless are more likely to suffer from substance abuse and mental health issues. They also experience poor nutrition and are less likely to attend school and find jobs. Providing support to these young people can cost upwards of $1,200 a day. The Brisbane Youth Service helps young people with housing, drug and alcohol programs, mental health support, and educational support.

Alcohol and other drug concerns

Using drugs and alcohol can affect the physical and psychological health of young people, as well as their family relationships and education. There are many programs and services available to help young people with drug and alcohol concerns. These programs can provide free or low cost services and counselling, and are available to anyone.

The Drug Use Prevention Program offers a range of education services to help young people avoid drugs and alcohol. The program targets young people between the ages of 13 and 21, offering vocational training, therapeutic group work, and recreational activities. Those who need further support can participate in the residential program.

Family and Child Connect is a website and phone service that can help young people with alcohol and other drug concerns. This service connects people to local services and resources, and is free and confidential.


Keeping a youngster in the family is a tall order, even for those lucky enough to make it onto the chook bus. Youth Link provides a number of services aimed at helping at-risk youth on their way to a happier, healthier future. There are also a number of charities that provide assistance for young people in need. Among these are a number of organisations that provide assistance to young people who have been affected by violence and abuse. There are also organisations that provide support to young people who are struggling with addiction. Some of these organisations are run by professionals who are more than willing to provide a helping hand. These organisations offer a number of services aimed at helping young people who are at risk of slipping into the dark nightclub.