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You can get the latest weather data from a Brisbane weather station at any time. This service allows you to check the weather conditions for your location and determine how to best prepare for your outdoor activities. You can find out what the climate is like in Brisbane on a hourly basis. For more information on the weather in Brisbane, check out the following articles. You will find some interesting facts that you may not know. Read on to discover more about Brisbane’s climate.

Despite its relatively mild climate, Brisbane has a diverse day-night cycle. The shortest day in Brisbane is June 21, when the city experiences only 10 hours and 24 minutes of daylight. The longest day in Brisbane is December 22 with thirteen hours and 53 minutes of daylight. The day and night are separated by color bands. The black line indicates when the sun is visible, while yellow to gray bands mean full daylight and twilight, respectively.

In addition to the daily weather data, Brisbane’s topography features modest variations in elevation. The maximum elevation change is 240 feet. The average elevation is 61 feet. The climate is mostly urbanized with a moderate amount of sparse vegetation, water, and artificial surfaces within a two-mile radius. Hourly weather data for Brisbane are based on historical hourly weather reports and are subject to seasonal variations.

The cool season in Brisbane lasts for 2.8 months and average temperatures remain under seventy-one degrees. July is the coldest month of the year, with an average high temperature of 49degF and a low temperature of 68degF. The figure below gives a good idea of what to expect during each hour of the day. With this information, you can plan your day accordingly. The warmest water in Brisbane is in February. The average temperature in the city is 79degF in February.

The weekend brings some wild weather to the region. Some parts of Victoria are experiencing isolated showers and storms. The rainy weather is expected to last throughout the week and will be especially heavy on Saturday and Sunday. The forecast is for rain to continue into the weekend. If you’re heading out for the weekend, it’s wise to plan for a long stay indoors. In Brisbane, heavy rain and thunderstorm activity are likely to last into the early part of the next week.