The Weather in Brisbane Today – Partly Cloudy With a Medium Chance of Showers

brisbane weather today

Australia’s weather is renowned for its sunny days and stunning beaches, but each new season brings its own magic to this iconic country – from lush rainforests in spring to dazzling blue waters during summer.

To assist in planning an enjoyable trip, we’ve created a unique travel score for each day of the year that displays how welcoming Brisbane is for tourists. This score is calculated based on hourly data from historical weather reports and model reconstructions of real-time conditions.

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Today in Brisbane the temperature is slightly below average for this time of year. Nevertheless, Brisbane boasts an exciting tech sector which keeps the city bustling almost constantly. No wonder then that Melbourne boasts the highest concentration of skyscrapers in Australia with a population of over one million inhabitants. On top of that, there is an array of bars and restaurants to enjoy for locals who want a taste of luxury. Enjoying Sydney’s attractions is best done with a cocktail in hand or, at the very least, a cold beer. The city also houses some of Australia’s prestigious medical research and teaching institutions – evidenced by the numerous high-tech hospitals sprouting up across town.


Today in Brisbane weather: Partly cloudy with a medium chance of showers. Winds from the south-east 15 to 20 km/h shifting southeastward 15 to 25 km/h in the morning.

Rainfall (solid line) and snowfall (thin dotted line) were measured over a sliding 31-day period centered around the day in question, with 25th to 75th percentile bands and 10th to 90th percentile bands showing percentage accumulations.

On any given day, rainfall probability is calculated using a multi-model ensemble of dynamic atmospheric models driven by the latest observed atmosphere, ocean, land and ice conditions. This forecast is updated daily to provide the most up-to-date estimates of rainfall probability out to 28 days in advance.

Brisbane enjoys a subtropical oceanic climate, with mild winters and humid, rainy summers. Due to its location on Australia’s east coast, Brisbane is protected from cold fronts from the north as well as tropical cyclones.


Today the wind in Brisbane ranges from very light to moderate. On average, it will be 2.4 km/h (1.4 mph), blowing from south. Brisbane’s weather forecast calls for partly cloudy skies with a medium chance of showers during the morning and afternoon hours. The temperature is expected to stay around 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Climate and temperature data for Brisbane is based on the averages of temperature measurements from two weather stations close enough to contribute to our climate model. Each station’s data has been adjusted for elevation, relative change present in MERRA-2 satellite-era reanalysis, and International Standard Atmosphere; then calculated in a weighted average. The final travel score computed for Brisbane takes into account these values over one year as an annual average. Weather and water forecasts for Brisbane Airport are prepared using historical weather and water data.


Today, clouds were the star of the show as fluffy cotton-ball type clouds or cirrocumulus cloudlets dominated the skyline. Social media was abuzz with pictures of some of the more impressive formations, but one in particular stood out: ‘hole in the sky’ – which according to weather gurus was a first for Brisbane! This phenomenon occurs when ice crystals ‘cannibalize’ another cloud and start falling out; it was also one of largest at 150 metres across.

Another major update is that a tropical cyclone is expected to form within the next couple of days.